Still Life Final

Hello! =)

Welcome to my Still Life summative post. In this blog, I have reflected on my overall experience in 2D Art since the beginning of the year up until this final. All I can say is, it has been a very impactful and incredible experience, and I enjoyed it a lot! I hope to continue enjoying my time in this class as I progress through the rest of the semester. The learning I brought to this project is my previous drawing experiences. I like to sketch in my free time, and I usually sketch still life objects. You can see this by my progression of skill. My first drawings in this class versus the ones I’m capable of doing now have a lot of difference. I truly feel like I’ve improved much more than where I started off. Something new I learned..well to be honest, there isn’t just one thing I’ve newly learned in this class. I have both further developed some skills but have learnt so much more. I learnt how to draw contour, to proportionally align my 3D objects in perspective of each other on my paper, draw organic and just generally more complicated objects than what I’m used to. You can see this through my formatives, and of course the object I chose to do for my final, a stuffed dog. The learning I am taking forward is how to wisely choose the object I wish to draw for any final, because if you choose any object, especially one that you’re not used to drawing, can definitely affect the final outcome. I also learned that to make an object look 3D, you can’t just draw it on the paper really well and get away with it. It will look flat no matter how good it is. To make it look more realistic, you have to add texture, and go a little further than just drawing it really well. I will try to apply all that I’ve learnt by creating an amazing and well worked on Still Life final. The whole point of a summative is to show off my skills and what I’m capable of, so that’s exactly what I did. =) Below is the process it took me to get to my final piece. Enjoy!!

Object Trials

DSC_0591 DSC_0592 DSC_0594

One choice I made was to try so many different objects in my house to find out which one I am most in control of doing for my final piece. This was tricky at first because it seemed like everything I tried just didn’t work out like I wanted to. And there were so many objects in my house to try out! Most importantly, I knew that this is was the most important part of the final, for it greatly affects the outcome of my summative. If I don’t choose my object wisely now, it will backfire on me later, which was something I newly learnt.  I also realized the importance of trying an object out first before deciding it will be my summative focus, it may look easy enough to draw, but unless you try it out, you will never know of the weaknesses you may experience with it. Something I would change is to have taken more time in finding the right object. I remember going through my search the night of my Art class the next day, and although I was one of the first to start my final drawing, that was a poor decision. I should have planned ahead to leave time everyday to try some new objects out.

Object Decision


Luckily, I finally found “the perfect object”, and who would have known it would be my little stuffed dog that sits on a shelf in my room. One choice I made was to try drawing this object in scratch to see if it is what I’m looking for. And I guess it was, for I wouldn’t be writing about it today if it was not. =) So I tried it out, and was very relieved to find out it was very suitable for me. Above is my scratch drawing of my stuffed dog. Something new I learned was that I’m really good (or at least decently good) at drawing animals. With my trials of other objects such as souvenirs or dolls, I found that I am not very good at those. Perhaps I like to go with more elastic and bendy types of objects, for I can form them or position them in almost any way I like. Something I would change is to have practiced drawing varieties of different objects in class. This is because I never really practised drawing furry objects. I practised with shoes, irons, and wheels, but never with furry items. This was definitely a risk I took considering I never practiced with an object like this before, but luckily it didn’t backfire on me as you will soon see below.


DSC_0450 DSC_0481 DSC_0485 DSC_0567 DSC_0571 DSC_0806 DSC_0813

Above I’ve displayed the whole process (snippets of each) I took in creating my final piece. One choice I made was to draw each position of my stuffed dog right after the other, so that all of them are at the same stage as I move on. I also decided the 3 positions my stuffed animal would be in, and which 3 applications of dry media would be applied. The stuffed dog on the left was done in oil pastel, the one on the right was done in vine chalk, and the one in the middle was done in colored chalk. Something new I learned was to keep my object still from the first time I begin to draw it. This way, I don’t mess up my drawings and it will look more realistic. When you move the object, your drawing will look wrong for the angles and position would have changed. That is also why I drew each each dog position from start to finish before moving on to the next. Something I would change is the shadow I applied to the stuffed dogs below. They’re a great idea, I just think I didn’t do it as well as I had hoped. One main reason for this is that I didn’t plan this out from the start, Mr Hansen told me to add it in when I was doing my final touches. I would have liked to spend more time on it and really make the shadow look more realistic, instead of just smudges of vine chalk at the bottom. Overall, I don’t think it looks that bad, but for the future, I have learnt to make sure I plan out as much as I can before I actually do my final because it may result in a catastrophe, and no one wants that to happen!


And so, without further a do, I give you the.. 



Thank you! =D

4 thoughts on “Still Life Final

  1. Gustavo Espinosa:

    Hey Rayhan,

    This piece is really interesting. The object, the media, and the style are all very unique. Teddy bears in powerful, but smudged chalk is both Creative and Original. You clearly have a lot of artistic ability.

    It is clear which perspective each teddy bear is in, but my only piece of criticism is that you could have exaggerated the three different perspectives. If the zoom were more zoomed in and the foreshortened view more foreshortened, you would have been able to show off more of your understanding of Elements and Principles. Zooming in would certainly have allowed you more opportunity to display this.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gustavo, thanks for the great feedback! I realized the same thing about zooming in more on my zoom and exaggerating my foreshortened view. Will definitely work on my Elements and Principles strand for my next art project. Thank you!


  2. You did really well on your final, and I saw the hard work you put into it.
    1.1 Creativity and originality: for the colours, I would’ve chosen colours that blend better together, because I thought orange, blue and black are very far colours.
    2.1: Elements and principles: the shadows are fine, though you should have smudged it more to look smoother. You made a good choice with choosing what you wanted to draw, since its something dear to you, it makes you want to work extra hard on getting it right.
    2.2: Craftsmanship, Skill, Exploration of Media: You came a long way with using different pencils and materials, but I think you could have added more formatives and explored materials that aren’t so similar.

    Liked by 1 person

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