4th Summative Blog (4S)

Hey guys!! Welcome to my 4th OFFICIAL summative blog post.

Our 4th summative assignment was to capture 6 pictures of time. The theme of this project is Managing Time, so how an advanced camera can take such fast or slow moments. The purpose of the task is to see stills of things you could not see with your eyes. Fascinating!

During this art project, I tried to incorporate as many things I learnt in class as I could to fully show my understanding. There were definitely some challenges I faced while creating my portfolio for this project. The fact that most of these photos were supposed to be taken at night, where there are lights, and moving objects. This was a limitation because the only time we can take such pictures would be on our own time, which is not very much when you think of all the other tasks we are given in our other classes. Nonetheless, it can be done! Another obstacle for me was the short amount of time we were given to complete this assignment. We are usually given at least 4 weeks to make a portfolio, but this time, we only had 2-3 weeks to get it done. I think this aspect stressed me out a lot over the course of the project. I hope it didn’t affect the results of my photos, but you will be the judge of that! 😉

Now, let’s get down to it! I have presented my 6 final Managing Time pieces of art below. Credits to Dubai Mall, the Marina, and last but not least, ASD.  Coming up with each work of art is a sneak peak/behind the scenes (whatever you want to call to it) of the process it took to achieve the grand photo, and what’s it’s all about. Stay tuned..and keep reading!

P.S ^^Hope my humour earns me some grades Mr Stavinoha!^^ =)

Light Trails

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.56.44 PM  Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.57.13 PM

I’ll have to be honest here..this was beginner’s luck! These were my first successful masterpieces. I was aiming for beautiful breathtaking night scenes, that are supposed to be SHARP, but instead I got blurry squiggles of color. When I realized what I was getting, I started aiming for this type of photo..light trails! They are so exquisite and unique, if I hadn’t taken these myself, I would say that this is unrealistic. It challenges the mind. Which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. Anyways, I am very satisfied with these results..hence why I chose to display two of the same technique. The one on the left was taken at the Marina, the buildings let off such bright light, it is very nice to see. It gives the picture a more lively atmosphere. The second picture is just majestic! I moved my camera in weird patterns to see what I would get, and I chose this picture because it was the most eye-attracting. These two photos are fantastic, and I am confident to say so!

Passing the Time

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 9.26.41 PM

This outstanding photo was taken in non-other than the Dubai Mall. I captured the fountains beautifully, if I do say so myself. The water almost looks like fireworks exploding from the ground..what with all the light illuminating them so well. I put this picture as my Passing of Time because the water has blurred out where there are blotches of bright light. That shows that the camera wasn’t fast enough to capture the frozen image, which is exactly what I was looking for! I got to listen to music, watch a spectacular show of dancing water, and capture the perfect photo. How awesome does it get?!

Night Scenes

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.42.09 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.24.54 AM

I think these two pictures are great. I never thought I’d be able to capture night scenes so well! I mean, not trying to brag, but with an IPhone, your chances are weak. I was so happy when I realized it turned out like I wanted it to, I like how I captured enough light and got the scene to light up, even though it’s at night. I was also very surprised to see that the pictures turned out very sharp, even though my hands do not give me the best support for my camera. The boat looks so beautiful with all the lights on it, and the background is dark so it gives a nice contrast. The buildings in the picture on the right look very nice together, each with different architectural designs, and with different sets of light. Overall, a great set of night scenes, don’t you think?

Frozen Action

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 7.40.15 AM

FREEZE! That’s what I said to this fountain…HA! No, I did not, though that would be pretty cool. I actually took this photo, using a very fast shutter speed to capture the tiny droplets of water as they jump and splat about. I absolutely love how you can see the individual drops!! It is so fascinating. I decided to make my background as plain as possible to keep the focus on the frozen water. I took a whole set of these photos, perhaps like 40 or more. Let me tell you, it is hard to get the perfect picture. In the end, I had to crop this one^^to zoom in on the focus, the frozen action.


Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.34.26 PM

I’d like you to pay close attention to what you’re looking at. What is it? You’ll say it’s a clock..well, OBVIOUSLY! But..what IS IT?

..It is an egg on a plate! The white and orange circles in the centre are supposed to make an egg (that’s been cooked). Then I made pans which circulate all around the egg! I was very exact with my color scheme so that it looked like a real life clock idea. I then made the cutlery to be the clock hands..creative or what?? Haha, I can’t take all the credit, I got some inspiration from Google images, but I created it into my own. I made sure everything was symmetrical, like Mr Stavinoha wanted. And definitely made sure the numbers were aligned with each other, and perfectly in the middle of the pans (as much as possible). Hope you liked the idea! =)

Anyways, thanks for reading and looking at my works of art..soon to be displayed in the biggest museums, and right next to the Mona Lisa, in Paris! So you get a free look, you better remember that when you realize my works of art do get displayed for billions and billions of dollars.

I hopefully you enjoyed the show! =) Thank you!!


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