Formative 1 – Cylinder Ceramic

Hi! This is my first post for my 3D Art Blog.

For the first unit in this core class, our assignment is to make any shape of a ceramic container which has some kind of texture. We have two formatives and a summative in this unit.

Below, I’ve attached a bunch of pictures showing the different stages of my first formative in this class, a cylinder ceramic. Next to each picture, I have written a caption stating what the picture is about. Check it out!! =)



– Bird’s eye view: I shaped my clay using a cylinder pipe, then took it out, and put my clay on a circular clay base.



– An isometric view of the previous picture.



– I cut out the excess clay of the bottom, and smoothed the container’s top. Then I worked on my first design on one side.



– Then worked on a second design on another side.



– A third design.



– The fourth and final design. In total, I put 4 different designs on this ceramic.



– Once it came out of the kiln =) When I flicked it, it sounded like glass. Very cool.



– I glazed 5 coats of this blue on my ceramic because I want to get an opaque result once it gets fired in the kiln again.



– I glazed 5 coats of this orange on the inside of my ceramic because I would like the exterior and the interior to have the same opacity.



– Final result! I love how the exterior looks, this blue is very nice, and its opacity is perfect after the 5 coats. I didn’t expect the interior orange to look that bright; at first I didn’t like this result too much. Then I realized it doesn’t look that bad, and considering that this was my first clay project, I did pretty well. =)


Prior to working on this first formative, I learned how to roll out a clay slab, and the different ways you can shape it (cube, cylinder, form). I also learned that clay is very delicate, and if not handled properly and carefully, the product will show this. Also, if clay parts are not marked thoroughly, and not enough slip is put on, they will break in the kiln. I used this knowledge as best as possible, and hopefully showed it through my cylinder ceramic. I made sure to handle the clay correctly, and added a lot of slip so that when it goes in the kiln, it will not break.

Due to the fact that I’ve never really taken a 3D Art course before, everything I’ve learned in this class is new information. Other than techniques with how to handle clay, Mr Stavinoha showed us how to apply designs to our work. We can either cut out parts from our clay container to create something, engrave something on, cut out separate parts of clay and attach them to our container, or use design utensils/something with a design (eg. rollers, cookie cutters, parts of a wire fence, etc). What I thought was pretty cool was how we could use almost anything we found as a design utensil. I also used to think that ceramics took a lot of skill to make, however I realized that it’s a lot easier once you learn how to handle the clay. Using all this information, I thought of different ways to design my cylinder ceramic.

Working on this container made me realize some things I need to work on for my next one. I think I handle the clay a little too roughly at times when I’m in a rush, but I learned (the hard way) that this only backfires on you later. Another thing I need to work on is experimenting with different techniques of design, so far even though I’ve done 4 designs on this container, they are pretty similar due to the technique I used (taking out parts of clay/engraving). Finally, I need to use my time more efficiently so that I can get things done at a good pace. With clay, if it dries up too fast, and you still have to stick it to something, or design it..chances are you’re going to have to start over. So I’m trying to avoid that risk as much as possible. To make my next formative, I will work on these weaknesses and hopefully get an even better product.

Overall, for a first formative on clay..I’m proud of myself for making something that is a container, has some texture, and generally looks good =)

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed =D


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