Board Table – Summative


fullsizerender-2 – Idea Drawing

fullsizerender-2 – Idea Drawing with black pen

img_4686 – Scale Drawing

fullsizerender – Scale Drawing with black pen




Last year, I took the Engineering Design course which helped me improve both my geometric and scale drawing. I also took the Core 2D Art class which had a unit on scale and point perspective drawing. By taking these courses, it was much easier to draw designs for the props we were planning to make. I think you’d be able to see this in my scale drawing as it is neat and has accurate measurements on its sides.

Something new I’ve learned is how to draw something with very specific guidelines. We were given exact measurements to work with, which we had to develop into a utopian/futuristic table of our choice. I think the hardest part about this summative was making sure my ideas were suitable for the requirements of the table. Another thing I learned was how to build scale models of props. It was not as hard as I originally thought, it just took some time to measure the pieces, cut them and stick them together.

If I could do this summative again, I would measure an appropriate height for the table. My final product ended up being a lot higher than expected, and so it wouldn’t have functioned correctly had it been made for usage. Next time, I should make sure all my measurements make sense before I build the model, even though this is also part of the learning process. Building the model was what made me realize the things I needed to improve on my table. So if I had more time, I would have adjusted my measurements and built another model to show the improvements I made. Other than technicality, I feel like I should have made my table more creative. My initial idea was very imaginative, but drawing it as a scale drawing and physically building was a challenge. This made me realize that it may have not been doable in real life. So again, if I had more time, I would have thought of a better, functional and more creative design idea for my table. I would also go through the scale drawing and building process a second time to show the amendments I made to my first design.

Thanks! =)


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