Subway Station – Summative





Idea Drawing:


Scale Drawings with Props/Decorations:

fullsizerender – Scale Drawing

fullsizerender – Scale Drawing with color

fullsizerender-4 – Scale Drawing with color and black pen

img_4674  – Measurements


In case the pictures are not clear..

Prop Measurements:

Backboard: 8ft from the top of platform (12ft in total)


  • Height: 4ft
  • Width: 4ft
  • Length: 20 ft

Decoration Measurements:

Chair: 3ft tall, 1ft wide

Tottenham sign: 1ft tall, 1.25ft wide

Lamp stand: 0.5ft tall, 0.25 ft wide

Lamp: 1ft tall, 0.75ft wide

Caution Band: 20ft long, 0.5ft wide

Letters: 0.25ft tall, 0.125ft wide

Vines will be a prop.


By completing the Boardroom Table summative prior to this project, I took away a lot skills and improvements that I can now apply. For example, I realized that prop drawings do need to be realistic even though the focus is on creativity. I made sure that if my design of the Subway Station was to be built, it would be able to function for its purpose (holding actors on the platform, have enough room for walking/dancing, etc). Scale drawing was also much easier as I’ve had more practice, and so I managed to draw a clear design of the prop, with the appropriate measurements.

One main lesson I’ve learned from this summative was that formatives are essential. I admit I didn’t work hard enough on the formatives that helped prepare us for this summative project. I completed the formative, it just didn’t help me that much when it came time to do this project as my main focus there was to draw the subway, not the platform. Due to this, I had to draw another idea drawing so that I could come up with something original and interesting for the prop design to then draw it in scale. This made me realize something important..TIME IS PRECIOUS! Now I know to be more attentive in class, and listen to instructions so that I don’t waste my time and have to do it for homework.

Other than being more attentive in class, I need to work on working quicker. I tend to take my time with everything I do, and although this is good for accuracy and neatness, it again takes a lot of time. I’ve learned that I can still be accurate even if I work faster. To do this, I need to make sure I don’t get distracted. I need to be focused on my work and not get side-tracked by the conversations going on around me. Other than that, I feel like I’m doing well =) The instructions are always very clear, and thinking outside the box is something I enjoy doing all the time. Drawing a dystopian subway station was my favorite summative task of the three props..probably because I drew it the best in my opinion.

Thanks! =)


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