Hippie Van – Summative


img_4688 – Scale Drawing

fullsizerender-1 – Scale Drawing with color

fullsizerender-3 – Scale Drawing with color and black pen


Since this was the third and last scale drawing summative, I can definitely say I brought a lot of experience and knowledge to it. I remembered that in Core 2D Art, we had to start with the basic geometry of the object before we drew on the details. That’s what I did here! I drew a cuboid first to get the basic shape of a van, then I contoured in the details from the picture I took of the van we are using. This summative was slightly easier than the rest just because this prop already exists. Our only task was to scale draw it and color it so that it looks like a hippie van.

Something new I’ve learned is that you don’t have to measure the design elements you put on a prop, as long as the prop is already drawn to scale. This was very useful because once my van was drawn to scale, all I had to do was draw on the hippie design I thought of so that it fits the van’s measurements. This takes a lot less time than measuring each element of my design and then drawing it on. Time was also something I wanted to work on from the last summative, so I think I succeeded in working more efficiently in this project.

We will probably do more scale drawings later on after the musical, so I’m definitely going to apply all I’ve learnt from these summatives to future projects. Even though we will start the painting process now in Stagecraft, I can still apply what I’ve learned so far to my painting. I will make sure I’m completely focused on what I’m painting so that as a class we move together and at a good pace, and we don’t waste time. Also, we will use a final design to paint on each prop and so we need to apply our accuracy to the painting we do so that everything looks good in the end. We also need to work on communicating better as a group so that we can collaborate and create a successful set.

Thanks! =)


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