Formative 1: Cardboard Boxes

Hi guys! This is my first post on Cardboard – our second unit in Core 3D Art!! Our first task was to make two different types of boxes (with flaps and tabs).

Box with flaps


– I cut out a square from a cardboard piece. Then I marked some areas with a knife so that the box can fold, and I cut some sides which will be used as flaps. I then put some hot glue on the back of each flap and pressed it on for a while so that it sticks well.


Box with tabs


– I cut out four rectangles and a square base out of a piece of cardboard. Then I bended some cardboard and cut on each side of the bend to make the tabs. I then stuck them on to attach pairs of the cardboard rectangles and square base, which created a sturdy box. 



– I funnily found out that these boxes can go together. The flap box could be the lid for the tab box. Pretty cool. =)


 As our first formative assignment, we had to make simple cardboard boxes using the techniques Mr Stavinoha taught us. This created a foundation for us to build on because now that we know how to make simple boxes, we know have an idea of how cardboard works. It could also give us ideas for our summative (and formatives that lead up to the summative). Other than that, it taught us the techniques with how to work with cardboard (glue gun, holding things together for awhile so they stick, etc).

I think I did a pretty good job attempting both boxes. My first attempt of the box with flaps was not very successful as I bent the box’s walls in the wrong direction, so it ended up having a smooth, rounded exterior..which is unnatural for a box. I re-did it and bent the walls the right way so that I could learn from my mistake. My box with tabs was pretty successful from my first try. After I cut out four even squares and a square base, I made my tabs by making a dent in a piece of cardboard and cutting on either side of it so I can use it to hold my box together. When I finished both boxes, I played around and realized I could use my box with flaps as the cover (for it was a perfect fit) of my box with tabs. I then hanged the cover (box with flaps) on the edge of the box with tabs for artistic photography reasons. =)

This formative taught me the skills I need to use to make further cardboard projects. I now know how to use a glue gun, how to cut cardboard with a sharp tool without injuring yourself, etc. I learned that cardboard is easier to work with than clay as it does not dry and does not break (unless you cut it). This makes life easier because you don’t have to stress about finishing a cardboard project in a lesson when sometimes using clay, you have to finish some part in a class so that it isn’t too dry the next time you use it.

Thank you!


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