Formative 2 & 3: Cardboard Experiments

Hey guys! In this post I’ll be showing you how my experiments using cardboard turned out. =)

Abstract Cardboard Experiment 1


– I used my formative simple boxes to create an abstract structure. I assembled them together using hot glue.



– I then started to add string to it (we needed to create negative space and fill it up using string).


img_4800img_4801 img_4802

– This is the final look


Abstract Cardboard Experiment 2


– I cut many small rectangle strips of cardboard and and marked two lines on it using a sharp tool. I then bent the areas where I marked and and folded them so that they became a triangle. I used hot glue to stick the two sides together. Then I started gluing each triangle on the rectangular base to create some abstract art.


img_4793img_4794 img_4797

– Finally, I weaved in some string so that the viewer can follow it through the piece.


These formatives were a playful experimentation of how I use cardboard to make 3D Art. I was trying to make abstract structures using geometric shapes, then weaving in string to fill up negative space.

This was not very successful. I think I lacked a plan of how each experiment was supposed to look like which is why my structures looked really random. I like my second experiment more than my first, but it was still a pretty failed attempt. I also did not use the string very efficiently; it was obvious that it was a last minute decision in both..which is not professional.

Although these formatives turned out to be disasters, I learned a lot from this experience. First of all, to never make something without planning it out first. This only wastes time as it leads to nothing but an improvised project, which is unprofessional. I also learned that I am not very good at abstract pieces of Art, so for my summative, I should make something that looks like a realistic object. Finally, I learned that I should use string more efficiently and effectively on my summative, perhaps by making a pattern out of it.

Thanks =)


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