Cardboard Summative – Trojan Horse

Hey guys! This is my final post about cardboard’s my summative project!! This unit went by so fast, and although at first I wasn’t so confident I would make something cool using cardboard, I proved myself wrong. Check it out!! =)

Horse Muzzle


– I made my horse’s muzzle using 3 trapezoids and an equilateral triangle.


Horse head and Mane


– I drew and cut out a horse head shape from a cardboard piece. Then I traced it onto another cardboard piece and cut another horse head shape out. 



– This was the hardest part! I used soft, flexible cardboard to start the horse’s mane. I cut pieces of this cardboard and stuck it onto the two horse head shapes to hold them in place. 



– I used a ruler’s width to cut even rectangles and stuck them on on the soft cardboard. 


img_4836 img_4837 img_4838 img_4839 img_4841 img_4842 img_4843

– This was the funnest part of the process! I used string to make triangles and created a reverse pattern with them to finish the horse’s mane. I stuck this string on the cardboard rectangles (I made sure the string was thick so that it was more visible). I think the string made the horse head look more realistic because it resembled hair. I also used the string to take out some negative space on the horse’s neck.


One day I was looking out from my kitchen window and saw a structure that sort of looked like cardboard. It had an arc shape with rectangles stuck on its top. When I saw it, I got the idea to make a cardboard horse head; so that’s what I made for this unit’s final project! My plan was to make a cardboard horse head, attach rectangles on to its mane, then use string to fill in the negative space and make it look more realistic (string could substitute horse’s hair).

I am very proud of my final result! At first I had my doubts, especially when I couldn’t figure out how to stick the two sides of the horse’s face together, but then thankfully it all came together in the end. I think my idea was creative which is why I was so eager to make it look good. With my formatives, I was very sloppy and wasn’t very interested in what I was making which is why it didn’t turn out very well. I really like how I used string to make a triangle pattern on the cardboard horse’s mane (which kind of reminds me of a mohawk when you look at it from the side). I was finally able to use string effectively after some failed attempts with my formatives. Overall, I feel like I did a pretty good job of making a 3D structure out of cardboard and using string to fill up negative space.

This summative taught me to never underestimate my capabilities. I really didn’t believe I would be able to make something cool using cardboard considering that it is a very stiff and plain-looking media. Turns out that with the right mindset you can accomplish anything you want if you really want. I also learned that pattern is a good way to fill up negative space; it gives the reader visual interest instead of just an empty space to look at. I’m really glad I got to try making a cardboard structure, it was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. =D

Thank you! =)


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