Garden Design – Summative

Hello! This is my Garden Design summative blog post. Check it out =)


Idea Drawing



Scale Drawing Template



Scale Drawing with features and color



This summative is re-assessing our ability to make scale drawings, this time however, is for a larger area. Due to the fact that we have practiced this skill several times at the beginning of this course, I have applied all my previous knowledge of scale drawing into this summative. I made a template scale drawing of the garden for two reasons; one, if I make a mistake I can always print another template instead of wasting time to create an entirely new scale drawing; two, the whole class can make copies of the template and this not only saves time for everyone, but it also keeps consistency (everyone works on the same dimensions and scale). I made a quick idea drawing of the garden first just to brainstorm my ideas in a visual way. This was very useful because it helped me see (on average) how much space I was taking up which allowed me to add more plants and designs to the garden. From my previous knowledge on scale drawing, I made sure I drew all my plants and objects to scale and in bird’s eye view (as required in the assignment); I labeled all my features; and I colored everything in so that I have a basic idea of how the garden will look.

Scale drawing teaches you something new every time. I have learned to become more efficient (making a template so that I can just print more if I need to). I have also learned how to choose the right features for a specific area. In this garden, there are two walls that are situated in the left middle of the area. This required me to think of the consequences this could probably bring up (such as shade and the size of the plants). Ms Amy gave me the idea to make a maze part of my garden which I thought was very creative! I decided that I could use the walls with this feature; and so the maze is built surrounding the walls.

The learning I’m taking forward is that I should think more out-of-the-box. On a scale drawing, there is no right or wrong thing to do. As long as everything is to scale, it should be fine. The rest is up to imagination and creativity; something I should think about more often when making drawings. To do this, I need to make an idea drawing for any scale drawing I do so that I can go wild and create something truly different and unique. When working as a group to create something, the most successful planners are the ones that have creative ideas, things no one mentioned before. Other than that, I am taking forward all the techniques I’ve learned and will apply them in future drawings I create.

Working in the Garden

img_5290 img_5291

– The Final Look of the Garden =)

img_5294 img_5295

– Carmen and I worked together to make a prototype wired spiral to store rocks and soil to then put plants in. It succeeded! It looks great and works properly.


– I planted mother-in-law tongues and they are growing well!

img_5297 img_5299

– I planted aloe verra babies and they also seem to be growing well!


– I dug up baby lilies and planted them behind the wall because they grow better in the shade. 

New Learning Reflection

For these past few months, I feel like I’ve learned something no other subject could have taught me. I never thought I’d be able to garden, but now I’m proud to say I can. Mr Hansen taught us how to separate baby plants from their mothers; that roots are so important (without them a plant would not survive), and most importantly, the steps of how to actually plant a plant. Before I began the planting process, I worked on building a prototype wired spiral gardener with Carmen. This turned out to be very successful, and can carry rocks and soil, where we will eventually put some plants in. Honestly, this experience has been the newest learning I’ve done in a while, and it has been fantastic! I can now work on my own house’s garden whenever I want to, without worrying that I’d kill the plants. This has also been a very beneficial experience because we don’t often work with our hands much in our daily lives.. we are constantly typing on our phones or laptops. Gardening showed me just how refreshing it is to work outdoors, and I felt a sense of pride whenever I accomplished something.


Thank you for an amazing semester Mr Hansen! =)


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