Creative Medium Summative – Dolphin Fridge Magnet

Hey guys!

This post is about my third summative project in 3D Art. Our assignment was to choose any medium (out of the ones we have done, e.g. ceramics/cardboard) to make a fridge magnet. This magnet should also be relevant to us; it should be a shape or thing that we can relate to. At first I thought of making a mask-shaped magnet because I just came back from a trip to Italy and I loved the Venetian masks. However, after a few failed attempts, I decided to switch gears and make something else.. a dolphin-shaped magnet.

Check it out!! =)


Mask-Shaped Magnet.. (Failure)

img_5170 img_5171-1

– My first magnet design. I was trying to make a mask.. but that didn’t turn out so well.


Dolphin-Shaped Magnet.. (Success) 

img_5189 img_5188

– I decided to make a dolphin-shaped magnet because dolphins are my favorite marine animals. I feel like magnets are usually made out of clay, so I felt it was only right to continue this tradition by doing the same. I carved a dolphin-shape out of some clay I rolled out, then I took Mr Stavinoha’s advice and added some clay to its body to make it look more realistic (more 3D). I then smoothed it out and cleaned up its edges.



– I decided to use a blue glaze (not too dark, not too light) that fitted a dolphin’s color. I applied it 3 times.


fullsizerender img_5277 img_5278

– This is once it came out of the kiln, glazed. I used super glue to firmly attach the magnet to the dolphin-shape.


On my fridge!! =)

img_5279 img_5282


– IT WORKS! It also fits in perfectly with the other magnets =D


For this project, my goal was to make a magnet that related to me in some way. I also chose to use clay as my medium because I feel like fridge magnets are usually made of clay, so I wanted to stay true to this tradition. My first magnet idea was to make a mask shape because traveling to Venice during INSPIRE made me realize how cool masks are. I attempted to make this magnet twice but failed both times. They didn’t look quite like I wanted them to, and masks are supposed to be hollow.. so I wouldn’t really be able to stick my magnet on its base (something I realized after I made them). I decided to stop wasting my time and started making a different shape for my magnet, a dolphin. I love dolphins (they’re my favorite marine animals) and I don’t have a dolphin-shaped magnet at home, so it would be a great addition to my family’s collection.

I think I successfully completed my dolphin-shaped magnet. Its edges are smooth, its shape represents a dolphin very well, and when it came out of the kiln after I glazed it, it had the perfect hue of blue. Although this was a fairly small project, both in size and time commitment, I feel like I did my best and tried to make a cool and unique magnet.

This project taught me to be patient. I quickly became frustrated when my mask-shaped magnet wouldn’t work out. I guess I just hated the fact that I spent so much time trying to make it work, then ending up not working at all. Moving on to make the dolphin-shaped magnet, I starting rushing it a bit because I just wanted to get it over with and move on to our next summative project. At first, I didn’t want to add more clay to my dolphin’s surface when Mr Stavinoha suggested I should because I just wanted to get it done. Once I calmed myself down and took my teacher’s advice, I realized that it looks so much better. I would have regretted not fixing it. So thank you so much Mr Stavinoha, for showing me that hard work and patience really does pay off! =)

Thank you!


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