Paper Mache Summative – Roman Soldier

Hey guys!

This is my final summative and final post in 3D Art. This class has been a fantastic experience, something I’ve never tried in Art before. I’m usually more of a 2D person, but I really enjoyed making projects using my hands. I’m really proud of what I’ve done in this class and hope to continue making more 3D projects.

But first things first, let’s talk about the final unit in 3D. Our focus was using paper mashe, which Mr Stavinoha showed us how to use. For this assignment, we had to make a human figure in motion, so our person should be frozen in action.

Check it out!!


img_5268 img_5269

– I used wire and coiled it to form human limbs.. THIS TOOK SO LONG! But it was worth it =) I then took some paper towels and squished them together into a ball, then taped them together to form a head shape. 

… I applied tape and then paper mache (sculptamold) on my wired human figure to make it firm. I also sharpened a stick and stuck it into my human figure to attach it onto a base.



– My mom gave me a quick sewing 101 lesson so that I can sew some clothes for my human figure. If you can’t tell already.. I’m making a Roman soldier as my human figure; he will be pulling something in the end.


img_5288 img_5289

– This is how my Roman soldier turned out =) He is clothed in his armour and helmet, and here I’ve attached some yarn to his hands where he will be pulling something.


img_5301 img_5304

– Ever since I made my cardboard Trojan horse, I knew I wanted to make a Roman soldier to go with it.. so here it is =) 



– The soldier is pulling the Trojan horse.


For the final project in this class, I wanted to make a Roman soldier, who is frozen in action pulling a Trojan horse (which I already made out of cardboard). This would meet the requirements of the assignment, a human figure in motion.

I feel like I was very successful in completing this final project. I paced myself so that I wouldn’t run out of time and hit the deadline with my human figure incomplete. I used wire and coiled it to form a human’s body, then bended its limbs in a tug-of-war stance. I added tape and later applied sculptamold so that my figure is strong and sturdy. I personally took time to smooth out the sculptamold as best I could so that it looks well done. Finally, I began tailoring its clothes at home because I was and still am sick. Thankfully, the clothes turned out great and I think my human figure looks very good as a Roman soldier. I also made him a helmet out of cardboard and stuck it onto his head. I feel like I spent a good amount of time working on this final, and I’m very proud of the result. I focused on adding details and making my human figure look as realistic as possible. I didn’t paint my human figure because I wanted it to be obvious that I used paper mache to make him. Overall, I think he looks amazing. =)

Honestly, this was the hardest medium we’ve worked on so far. The wire was unbelievably hard to bend.. and I don’t know if that was because it’s really rigid.. or if it’s just that I’m so weak. =D It took me at least three classes to get the body wired, from there however, it was like a breeze. Wrapping tape and applying paper mache were not difficult tasks, and once that was done, I moved on to making the Roman’s clothes. All in all, I learned that each medium has its own strategies to getting it done most efficiently.

3D Art has been a thrilling experience, and I loved every part of it. Thank you for an amazing course, Mr Stavinoha! =)


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