Self Scoring – Reflection

Hi! Here’s how I think I did in the following standards..

1 Creative Cycle end in mind – (A)

Throughout our gardening time, I made sure to pay attention whenever we were given instructions, and tried to follow them as best as I can. I worked hard and enjoyed doing so; whenever I finished planting something, I would ask to help with something else, or start working on something else. The only day I didn’t work hard was when I was sick. In the garden, I was paired with Carmen who also works very hard, so we made a great team.

2 Uses and takes care of resources and equipment responsibly (e.g., safety with lab or sports’ equipment, digital  citizenship, care of textbooks, etc…) – (A)

I made sure to handle all the gardening equipment with care, and returned them where they belonged when I was done.

3 Actively seeks advice and/or feedback to enhance learning; communicates challenges – (A)

Whenever I was unsure of what to do, I made sure to talk to either Mr Hansen or Ms Amy. I also worked with other peers and we helped each other out whenever we needed it.

4 Consistently comes to class with all necessary materials; materials (including digital) are organized – (A)

I feel like I was always prepared to work, and was on time to every class so that I can grab my materials and get to work.

Thank you =)


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