Summative #1 – Moana

Hey guys!

So here’s my proposal for this summative to remind you of what I said I was going to do.

After planning out my ideas and sketching them out to see how they’d look, I decided to go with this..

The Moana Drawing Process

  • I started by drawing Moana’s head and hair in the form of a mountain/island. Her hair is the most important aspect I wanted to bring out in this piece, therefore I made sure to put as much detail as possible into it. I incorporated her curls into waves as I had planned in my proposal.

  • I drew her facial features. Moana can portray many different characteristics such as determined, stubborn, light-hearted, kind, etc, but in this piece I wanted to highlight her light-hearted characteristic. I did this by drawing her mouth in a laughing position, and by drawing her eyes closed to show that she’s relaxed.

  • I then added the scenery around Moana. In the background, I drew islands (because that was a large aspect of the movie), and in the foreground, I drew Moana’s canoe several times to show her love for voyaging. As per my peers’ feedback, I drew an uneven number of canoes because otherwise this piece would have looked too balanced, which would have been boring.

  • I drew more of Moana’s hair behind the islands to show that it is endless (because her hair represents the sea).

The Moana Coloring Process

  • I started applying color here, and decided to use water colors because I want the color to have a light feeling (like water) and paint wouldn’t be able to give me that light watery feeling. So my first application of the water color was on Moana’s hair and the islands behind her. I’m glad I took Mr Hansen’s advice to start applying colors lightly then darken them later because if I hadn’t, it wouldn’t have been able to make the colors lighter if I wanted to.

  • I applied a sort of caramel color to Moana’s skin. Then I darkened the islands in the background and added green to the island on the left.

  • I realised Moana’s face had a slightly lighter skin tone than her neck (which you can see in the previous image), and so I applied another coat to both her face and neck to balance them out and give them an even color. I also colored the canoes in a light pink (because it looks good with blue and so that the canoes look like a hair accessory in Moana’s hair).

  • I realised Moana’s haircolor is much too light for the sea and so I darkened it by applying a royal blue color. I applied a dark brown color on the island on the left because I thought the green didn’t look that nice (there is already a lot of color in this piece, having the green just made the piece too colorful).

  • I continued to darken Moana’s haircolor. I also decided that I would make the top of her hair a darker blue than the rest (as her hair goes down, the blue color gets lighter) because the farther you go in the sea, the darker it is.

  • I added water to the island on the left and dabbed some color out of it (using a paper towel) because it looked much darker than the island on the right (as you can see in the picture prior to this one). I also applied a darker hue to the pink canoes to bring them out more.

  • I colored in Moana’s mouth (her tongue in red and the space inside her mouth in black). I also applied a turquoise bottom to each canoe so as to make them ‘pop’ as Mr Hansen recommended. =)

  • I outlined the canoes’ swirl design (on the sail) in a darker pink to bring them out more.

The Final Product

  • I took a black pen and outlined the whole piece with either dots, dashes or small lines to create a visual ground for the viewer and to bring out all the aspects of this piece (Thanks for the advice Mr Hansen!). I’m very satisfied with how it turned out!! =)

Intentionality Reflection

My intention for this piece was to show Moana’s passion for the sea and her love of voyage. I thought the best way to do that would be to incorporate the sea into her features, specifically her hair. I also wanted to show that she wanted to be part of two worlds, her island, and the sea, and so her face and neck symbolize land (her island) and her hair symbolizes water (the sea). I drew the canoes and the background islands to show that I’ve paid attention to the details in the movie and so incorporating them in this piece will create a more accurate setting.

I tried to incorporate as many Art elements and principles into this piece. For the elements of design, I incorporated color (water color throughout my piece), texture (the hair and islands have a smooth texture vs Moana’s face which is smooth but has rough lines), line (I used different lines depending on the feature, so the hair was curly, the islands had wavy lines, and  the face had circular lines), form (Moana’s face and neck), shape (Islands and boats), and value (I made the top of Moana’s hair darker, and as you go down the piece, her haircolor gets lighter). For the principals of design, I incorporated pattern and repetition (background islands and small boats were repeated), balance (symmetrical balance of Moana’s face and hair), focal point (Moana’s face), hierarchy (islands are at the top, Moana’s face in the middle, and the canoes at the bottom), scale/proportion (unproportional: Moana’s face and hair are very large in contrast to the small islands and small boats), and unity/harmony (the canoes, water, and islands all go together, and all the colors go well together – blue, pink, brown).

Although my peers told me to add something to Moana’s neck, such as her special necklace, I wanted to leave her neck bare to give the effect of bare land which adds to the symbolism of an island, whereas adding a necklace would make Moana seem more like a human which is not the purpose of this piece.

Overall, I felt this piece turned out to be very successful! It was a lot of fun to do. =)



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