Summative #2 – Rapunzel

Hey guys!

Without further ado, I present to you..

The Rapunzel Drawing Process

  • I started by drawing Moana’s face and hair, and a brief outline of her body.

  • I then added more detail to her dress.

The Rapunzel Painting Process

  • I applied a yellow paint coat to Rapunzel’s hair, and a light pink paint coat to the front of her dress.

  • I continued to apply a yellow coat to the rest of her hair, and applied a darker pink coat to the front of her dress. I also painted the background with a bluish black color (as I’m trying to imitate the lake Flynn took her to see the floating lanterns in).

  • I then applied a light skin tone to her body. Once I finished this, I realized her hair and skin almost blend together because they are such similar colors, and so I decided to make her hair darker (which will be shown a couple of pictures below this..).

  • I painted her facial features and outlined Rapunzel’s eyes with dark eyelashes.

  • Here I applied a darker coat of yellow to Moana’s hair so as to make her skin show more (and not blend in with her hair). I also painted the reflection of the floating lanterns on the water.

The Final Product

  • I took a black and outlined the whole piece with either dots, dashes or small lines to create a visual ground for the viewer and to bring out all the aspects of this piece (Thanks for the advice Mr Hansen!). Though I had initial doubts about how this piece will turn out, I’m very pleased with the final product!! =)

Intentionality Reflection

My intention for this piece was to show Moana’s determination to see the floating lanterns. This was a large part of the movie and I feel like the larger meaning behind it is that anyone can find happiness if they follow their dreams, and that no dream is too big or to small to be accomplished. I wanted to feature Rapunzel as the main aspect of this piece. The background is supposed to be the river she went to with Flynn to see the lights. I painted the floating lanterns’ reflection on the water to show that Rapunzel did succeed to follow her dream.

I incorporated as many Art elements and principals as I thought necessary. For the elements of design, I incorporated color (acrylic paint throughout the piece), texture (the smooth texture of her hair, dress, the water, and the lights vs the hard texture of her facial features), line (curved lines for her hair, square lines for the lanterns, straight lines for her dress), form (Rapunzel’s face, body, and hair), shape (the floating lanterns – square shape), and value (different hues of pink and yellow). For the principals of design, I incorporated pattern and repetition (the repeated floating lights), balance (diagonally symmetrical), focal point (Rapunzel’s face, specifically her eyes, they just draw the viewer’s attention immediately because they’re so big – on purpose), hierarchy (the floating lanterns at the top, Rapunzel’s face and neck in the middle, and her dress at the bottom), scale/proportion (proportional: Moana should naturally be larger than the lights’ reflection because she is close and they are distant), and unity/harmony (the colors go well together – pink, yellow, blue).

If I were to do this piece again, I’d make the water more obvious by perhaps making some of the water flow over her hair. I’d also either make Rapunzel a bit smaller to show the water and lanterns better or I’d make Rapunzel much much smaller and to feature the water and the lanterns as the main aspect of this piece. I think this would have been clearer as to what my message in this piece was because the lanterns and water represent my message better and so they should be the main aspect. However, I still think this piece turned out very well compositionally and it fit very well with the rest of my summatives because I made of set of Disney princesses and in each piece they’re the main feature.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with how this piece turned out! It was a cool process to go through in the sense that I got to see it gradually getting better and better. =)



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