Summative #3 – Elsa

Hey guys!

Without further ado, I present to you..

The Elsa Drawing Process

  • I started by drawing a quick sketch of Elsa’s face and hair.

  • I then darkened the lines on my sketch and added her upper body’s outline.

  • I darkened Elsa’s eyes, and I drew her a snowflake heart.

  • One of the snowflake’s arms was too short (which you can see in the picture prior to this one) compared to the other ones and so I fixed that.

The Elsa Chalk Process

  • I applied light blue chalk to Elsa’s skin, white chalk with darker blue streaks for her hair, dark blue chalk for the background and her lips, black chalk for her eyes, and red chalk for her snowflake heart (I will explain all the color choices in the intentionality reflection below).

  • I took a dark blue chalk piece and outlined Elsa’s entire body with small lines to create a visual ground for the viewer and to bring out all her features (Thanks for the advice Mr Hansen!). I’m extremely happy with how this turned out!! =)

Intentionality Reflection

My intention for this piece was to show Elsa’s true colors. By this I mean, many people may hear that Elsa is very cold-hearted, and she appears this way for the majority of the movie, she is actually a very kind character, and her love for her sister is immense. Therefore, I colored Elsa’s skin a light blue because to show that many people perceive her as a cold person, especially because of her icy powers. I made her hair whiter than in the movie to symbolize ice, which further adds to the icy aura of the piece. Then in the background, I took my family’s advice to not color in the whole thing and leave it blotchy instead; I realized that when I did this, it looks as though there is a blizzard behind Elsa which only adds to the coldness of the piece. In contrast, I made her heart red because like I said before, I wanted to show the viewer that Elsa’s is actually a kind person. I emphasized the warmth in her heart by blending in light red around it to show that it’s radiating warmth. I drew her a snowflake heart because I thought that suit this piece best considering the cold theme I’ve got going on; I also realized that the snowflake’s hands ended up looking like arteries which was not intentional because definitely a happy coincidence because it only makes her heart look more realistic. In my opinion, this was the most creative piece I did from the three Disney princesses projects.

I tried to incorporate as many Art elements and principals into this piece as I thought were appropriate. For the elements of design, I incorporated color (colored chalk throughout the piece), texture (smooth body texture vs blotchy blizzard texture), line (heavy lines for the outline of her body, and curved lines for her hair), form (Elsa’s hair and body), shape (snowflake), and value (the blizzard in the background has areas of dark blue and areas of a lighter shading of blue, Elsa’s snowflake heart is red and surrounding it is a lighter hue of red). For the principals of design, I incorporated pattern and repetition (the hands of the snowflake are repeated to make the snowflake), balance (mainly symmetrical balance of Elsa’s body except for her braid and her snowflake heart), focal point (the snowflake heart), hierarchy (normal positioning of the body – head at the top, etc), scale/proportion (proportional: Elsa’s body should be larger than her heart), and unity/harmony (the different hues of blue go well together, and the red is the natural contrast to blue – hot vs cold – so they contrast each other well).

Overall, I feel like this piece was a success and I’m very proud of the ideas I came up with as this is the first piece I’ve done where there is a much deeper meaning than what’s just drawn; it has to be interpreted. This piece was very fun to do, and I think chalk is definitely a medium I’d like to continue to work with.



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